24 KARAT Premium Organic Homemade Lemon Pickle Less Oil 400gm (Pack of 2) | Nimbu ka Achar | Spicy and Dry Pickle | 100% Natural | No Preservatives or Chemicals | Traditional North Indian Taste | Glass Jar



A Lemon pickle delight, this traditional North Indian Lemon pickle is made with fresh Locally obtained Lemon, Edible Common Salt, Mustard Oil, Chilli Powder, Cottonseed Oil, Acidity Regulator- Acetic Acid (E 260), and Asafoetida. You’ll be enthralled by this homemade pickle. Use it as a condiment with your preferred food. The pickles are prepared in small batches and delivered to your house so you may enjoy them at your leisure!

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 13 × 26 × 13 cm


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