Who We Are

We are based in Aligarh UP and mainly in the real estate development business as Roshan Builders & Developers. We have already completed 4 projects of Residential Apartments in Aligarh. Presently one project is ongoing which is a group housing society having 72 residential units (3BHK). Side by side we also run a dairy farm named ‘Roshan Dairy’.

We provide our customers with food products that are extracted or produced by traditional or Vaidic Methods with the help of self-invented machines with new-age tech to preserve nutrition. Purity & Transparency are our fundamentals.

Since we are doing good in the Milk Retail business, the idea of manufacturing dairy products came into the picture. We registered a company ’24 Karat Dairy & Food Products’ and obtained the necessary licenses. After thorough research, extensive training, and many hands-on trials, we finally decided to opt for the Indigenous Bilona method to manufacture Desi Ghee. We are using A2 Buffalo Milk to produce the Ghee. All the machines are designed and fabricated by us only as there are no ready-made machines available in the market for Curd Churning in industrial use. We have taken the utmost care in terms of Purity, Quality, and maintaining hygiene.

                  We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!


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